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The SupeDuty Super Protection Power Case, with tempered glass screen protection and a belt clip, delivers up to 175% extra battery with enoigh power to extend the life of your iPhone to a total of up to 40 hours of combined usability.

About the Super Protection Power Case

The SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case is No Ordinary Case. Including 360 degrees of protection, a 4100mAh battery, tempered glass screen protection, a belt clip and a kickstand, we believe, this case is truly the ultimate all in one case. At a retail cost of only $49.95, we have created a product no other company has been able to do: An affordable case that gives you Protection + Power with No Compromises.

360 Degrees of Protection


4100 mAh or 4800 mAh Battery

Tempered Glass Screen Protection

Belt Clip



Original Design

Our design features a 360 degree 3 piece design, including our 14 Feauture Super Rubber Protection System to protect you from your everyday activites.

Powerful Battery

Our very own Super Battery was designed with the consumer in mind. With up to 27 additional hours of battery life, you will never run out of battery.

Satisfaction Guarantee

To back our case, every case comes with a 1 year limted warranty.

Power System and Super Battery Highlights -

4100 mAh or 4800 mAh Battery

Original Apple Lightning Connector

2.1 Amp Input and Output Capability

Up to 27 Extra Hours of Battery Life

Up to 40 Combined Hours of Usability

4 LED Indicators keeps you "in charge"

Easy One Click On and Off Mechanism

- Smart IC Features:

Temperature Regulation

Automatically stops charging when Phone is 100%

Long Term Preservation of your Phone's Battery

Regulation of your Phone's Battery


The SuperDuty Difference Highlights -

Compared with the cases to the right, the SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case

is the Only Case that Includes Tempered Glass Screen Protection Free of Charge

is the Only Case with 4 Corner Super Guards

is the Only Case with Anti-Slip Reinforced Side Grips

is the Only Case compatible with iPhone 7/6S and 6

has the Highest Battery Capacity