Super Protection Power Case

Highlights -


  • 360 Degrees of Protection 


  • 4100mAh battery 


  • Tempered Glass Screen Protection


  • Belt Clip


  • Kickstand



  • Protection You Can Rely On


  • Up to 40 Combined Hours of Usability


  • Natural Look and Feel


  • Convenience


  • Enjoy Videos and Movies on the Go


Worry No More -

With our TPU Super Rubber, we wanted to not only create the best protection system ever, but also, we wanted to see how we could enhance the iPhone user experience. With added comfort, simplicity, enhanced usability and backwards compatibility features, we believe, we have done just that.

Protection and Super Rubber Highlights

  • Triple Layered Rubber
  • Four Corner Super Guards  
  • Anti-Slip Reinforced Side Grips  
  • Front-Facing Speaker Cut Outs
  • Easy One Step Installation + Removal  


Stay In Charge -

Nowadays, we all rely very heavily on our smartphones. Whether it's for driving directions, taking pictures, or quickly looking up something, we except our phones to be their when we need them most. With Super Battery, the days of your phone running you to an outlet are over. Check it out below!

Power System and Super Battery Highlights

  • 4100 mAh Battery
  • Original Apple Lightning Connector
  • 2.1 Amp Input and Output Capability
  • Up to 27 Extra Hours of Battery Life
  • Up to 40 Combined Hours of Usability
  • 4 LED Indicators keeps you "in charge"
  • Easy One Click On and Off Mechanis m


At SuperDuty, safety has always been of the most importance to us. That is why, we only use the safest of procedures. Below, our Super Battery Power Management System displays the steps we have taken to ensure our product is as safe as possible worldwide .

Power Management and Super Battery Highlights

- Smart IC Features:

  • Temperature Regulation
  • Automatically stops charging when Phone is 100%
  • Long Term Preservation of your Phone's Battery
  • Regulation of your Phone's Battery

Screen Protection:

What's the point of a case with no screen protection!? We don't know either. Our easy to install, SuperDuty Tempered Glass screen protection provides you the protection you need without compromising the natural quality of your phone's screen.

Tempered Glass and SuperDuty Highlights

  • Natural Look
  • Natural Feel
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy Installation


The SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case is truly like no other case on the market. With countless hours of ideas, research, and design, we know nothing else can compete. Below is a list of 5 comparable cases currently selling on the market.

The SuperDuty Difference Highlights

Compared with the cases above, the SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case

  • is the Only Case that Includes Tempered Glass Screen Protection Free of Charge
  • is the Only Case with 4 Corner Super Guards
  • is the Only Case with Anti-Slip Reinforced Side Grips
  • is the Only Case compatible with iPhone 7/6S and 6
  • has the Highest Battery Capacity

Too Good to be True?

To Back Our Confidence,

Every Case Comes Standard with a 1 Year Warranty

SuperDuty For You

Continue to do the things you love


For the Active

Super Protection Power Case gives you that extra charge you need to keep going.

Simply click the button on the back of the case to start charging.



For the Determined

Super Protection Power Case gives you that flexability and ease of access you need.

Simply rotate the clip on the back of the holster and clip on your waste.


For the Productive

Super Protection Power Case gives you the strength you need to endure everyday tasks.

Simply slide your phone into the charging port, and place your SuperRubber on.

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